GET TO THE CORE: BELLY FAT GONE by Mirabai Holland 2012

Losing your belly fat.
Once upon a time, not so long ago, belly fat was a sign of prosperity.
Much to our chagrin, that little, or not so little belly, it’s actually a sign that you may be at risk for some serious health issues like Heart Disease, Diabetes, and High Blood Pressure, among others.
Women tend to put on belly fat after menopause when hormonal changes start to alter our body shapes.
Whatever the cause, the evidence is clear. Apple shaped people are more at risk!
So, how much is too much belly fat?
It’s all about your waist size.
For women it’s a waist measurement of 33 or more.

So, okay you say, I’ve got too much belly fat. What can I do about it? I’ve heard there’s no such thing as spot reducing.
While that’s scientifically true, there’s a lot you can do to target any specific area of you body for work.
Aerobic exercise can burn calories and help you lose weight in general. Targeted ab exercises can help you develop lean muscle mass in that area and help flatten your tummy.
Full body strength training can raise your metabolism and help you return your body to its youthful shape.
Here are a couple of exercises you can do to strengthen and firm up that area.
Try using the old army exercise of sucking in your tummy during every day activities, pulling your navel back to your spine.
And you can try this exercise to help you firm up faster. It tones the center as well as the sides of your abdominals.
Lie down on your back and bend one knee up towards your chest.
At the same time, turn you torso and point your opposite elbow toward the knee.
Start with a few: work up to 20 repetitions over several weeks.
Then do 20 reps, take a short break and do another 20.

Putting weight on around your middle is easy. Taking it off is hard. Unfortunately there’s no secret formula. Take a no nonsense look at your diet. Reduce your portion size and cut out empty calories. Start exercising slowly, and progress in your comfort zone. Chances are that pretty soon you’ll be able to find your shoes simply by looking down

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