Chris Palmer Health Coach Testimonial: The Benefits Are Immeasurable:

Because of my experience with Mirabai, I believe everyone should have a Health Coach.  The benefits are immeasureable!  I made the decision to call a Health Coach when I learned that my A1C level was raised and I was pre-diabetic.  My cholesterol was in the 300s.  I had gained 25 pounds without even noticing.  I knew something needed to change and I couldn’t do it on my own.  I have been talking with Mirabai for over a year and it has been a very positive experience.  I call her my food cheerleader.  She has continued to boost my morale, give me the hope and the strength to continue my journey to a better, healthier eating life.  I have learned so-o much and learned better alternatives for my poorer choices that I used to make.  Knowledge is power. 

Even when I didn’t exactly keep to the plan, she never berated me.  She would point out the good things that I DID do.  “It’s baby steps”, she’d say.  “You’ve been thinking like this for a long time”.   I started doing things right, just a little bit a time.  It’s OK to fall off the plan, as long as you get back on the plan.  It hasn’t been easy.  It’s a way of thinking and I’ve been thinking wrong for a long time.  It’s been imbedded in my memory banks since childhood. 

Mirabai is very knowledgeable about a lot of varied topics that are very helpful.  She knows me now and she tries her very best to say what is best for me.  She knows I’m going to eat that chocolate at the pot luck, but she says that it’s OK.  I never feel bad about myself for not meeting my own expectations.

I have lost those 25 pounds, which was my goal. My A1C is now below the pre-diabetic numbers and my doctor told me to cut my cholesterol pills in half!  I feel good physically and I feel good about myself.  AND I look good!
Thanks Mirabai

Chris Palmer: Health Coaching Testimonial

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