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Fashion FlashToday’s Fashion Flash host is Josephine from ChicAtAnyAge. 

Josephine is committed to providing the best fashion and style info for women over 40. She says “Beauty starts from the inside and is expressed in the way we dress. Dress with passion and originality”.  We are thrilled to have her as part of our Fashion flash Consortium.

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HPIM0909.JPGI’ve been getting those emails for a month or so asking for advice on how to get on and stay on an exercise program. I get questions about commitment, pushing one’s limits, pain, and quick results. I go a little crazy at this time of year because I’m at odds with a very vocal segment of my industry about how get started on exercise program. They’re sincere, well-educated trainers but I don’t think they remember what it felt like to be de-conditioned. They expect beginners to do too much too soon. I’m beginning to think that years of over-vigorous exercise dulls one’s sense of empathy

I’ve seen it time and time again: determined beginners pushing so hard and either getting hurt and quitting or just quitting because they couldn’t take it any more.

If this sounds like you, don’t feel bad. It’s not your fault. We’ve heard no pain no gain all our lives. We’ve watched contestants push themselves to the brink of disaster on television. We’re inundated with infomercial promises of big results in no time.

It’s enough to make anyone think “ I’ve got to beat myself senseless immediately so I can hurry up, get fit, have the body of my dreams and live happily ever-after.”

By the way, I’m not against vigorous exercise. On the contrary, I love vigorous exercise. But I wouldn’t have loved it nor would I have been safe doing it as a beginner.

In my experience, that approach only works for a few stoic types and sets the rest of us up to fail. So how DO you get started?

I suggest starting by standing up and doing about 5 minutes of gentle limbering movements. Do the same for a few days in a row. You may be surprised at how good this feels and what a wonderful state of mind these simple natural movements put you in.

You may find yourself exercising longer than 5 minutes after a few days because you LIKE it. You may want to go for a little walk, then a brisk walk, then a half hour brisk walk.  Don’t rush it. It doesn’t matter if it takes a couple of weeks, a couple of months, or a year. Once you’re enjoying a half hour brisk walk most days of the week, try a little light weight training for your major muscle groups a couple of times a week. Increase the weight, number of reps and number of exercise days only when it feels too easy.  Build up slowly to weight training about 3 days a week keeping a day off in between sessions. Remember to keep it pleasant. If it’s too intense, it ceases to be fun and there’s a good chance you’ll quit.

This approach takes longer. But it works, and I’ve found it to be much more sustainable than those quick fix pump you up methods.

Those intense emersion exercise programs remind me of the guy who beats his head against a brick wall. When asked why on earth he does that, he says: “because it feels so good when I stop” Ease in and invest in your body. It will pay you back in quality of life.

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