New Sneakers: The Right Pair For You

Sneaker-Test-WEB_6209When Spring is just around the corner I get lots of emails saying, “ I’d like to get a pair of new sneakers. What type of athletic shoes should I buy for walking or jogging outside? ”
There’s no one answer. There are just about as many types and brands of new sneakers  as there are feet. Yours are unique, but one rule applies to all. This is how to treat your feet!

New Sneakers: How To Choose Your Next Pair

New sneakers need to feel great right out of the box. No break-in!  They also need to be sport specific. Stick with a shoe that’s designed for your particular activity.

So how do you pick a shoe? Ask your feet.

Check out the regular shoes you have at home. Where are they worn down?

If they’re worn on the inside edge you have low arches and point your feet inward. Try athletic shoes with good arch support.

If your shoes wear on the outside you point your feet outward. You need a shoe with more cushioning and good lateral support.

If you have even wear on your heels, you walk and run with your feet mostly straight ahead. You can buy any quality shoe that feels good on your foot.

What is a quality shoe anyway?

  • Heel box needs to be on the stiff side and comfortably keep your heel from popping out
  • The toe box needs to flex but not so much as to let your foot twist. Your big toe shouldn’t hit the front of the shoe
  • The upper needs to surround your foot and give it the amount of comfortable support your particular foot needs
  • The shoe should have enough cushioning to absorb impact but not so much as to make it unstable
  • You should be able to get a good pair for under a hundred bucks

But what about toning shoes? The principle behind these is that the design of the shoe’s sole keeps you off balance; and because you’re always working to keep your balance, you work harder, burn more calories, use your muscles more and therefore get a better workout and a more toned body.

I can’t speak first hand about these because I’ve never worn a pair.  But I do have a close friend who swears by them.   Her enthusiasm peaked my curiosity and got me Goggling.  I found a study by the American Council on Exercise. This is the non-profit organization that tests and certifies fitness instructors throughout the US. They tested all the major brands of toning shoes against regular athletic shoes.

Their study found no significant difference between the Toning shoes and the regular shoes.

The bottom line is there is no silver bullet. A lot of this is trial and error.  It’s all about the fit; and if the shoe fits, it will be a treat for your feet when you wear it.






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Sneaker Shopping

Heart-Biceps---Triceps-A--3As for me, I’ve been shopping, sneaker shopping, after a couple of emails asking me how to pick out athletic shoes.  I’ve responded to sneaker stimuli, bought myself some new ones and shared my formula for sneaker shopping and how to pick yours. I believe in specialty stores. The stock is more current, the staff is more knowledgeable and the overall experience makes you want to strap them on and move. The only thing that urks me a little is once in awhile I get hooked with a my way or the highway salesperson. Don’t listen to those people unless you REALLY agree with them. It’s all about the fit and the feel. If that don’t fit great, feel great and look great in the store instantly, keep looking.

Sneaker Shopping

I went into the store looking for cross training shoes. They had lots but none that felt good on me. While waiting for the salesperson to come back out,

Sneaker ShoppingI wandered around the store and spotted these adorable blue runners. I have a lot of running shoes but these appealed to my inner fashionista. I picked one up and it weighed nothing. I ran it through the twist and squeeze test hoping it would give me good support. It’s scary how well they can make lightweight runners these days. I asked to try them on. As I waited for my pair I couldn’t help thinking please let them fit. Please let them feel good. They’re so cute, please let them be functional. They go so well with my new outfit. When they came out, I admonished my fashionista self. “If they’re not perfect, don’t buy them. You’ll never wear them.” As fate would have it, they fit like a glove and I whipped out my credit card.
“I’ll wear them”, I told the clerk. For more info on sneaker shopping and how to select yours check out my post

Here’s hoping you have the same experience soon so you won’t have to sneak around in those old grubbies.

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2014-07-06-STRETCHBACK570PIX_00039BTo View All Products: Click Here  

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